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Cutout Stars


Netherlands, Europe

Our son was born with DeSanto Shinawi Syndrome. He was born after a normal pregnancy, with a natural, uncomplicated delivery. The first months of his life were hard because he had nutritional problems. He was crying a lot. This improved after about 9 months. By that time, we noticed that he didn't develop like other children. Especially his muscles, which were very weak. Research was started and when he was about 1.5 years old, we got the diagnosis. After this his development got off to a good start. He could walk just before his second birthday, and then spoke about five words.  

His speech has long been a problem. When he received speech therapy at the age of 3.5 he suddenly began improving. At 4.5 years old he has almost caught up with his language deficit. 

His biggest problems at the moment are fine motor skills and the fact that he has ADHD. 

It prohibited him at school. He could no longer concentrate, was immediately distracted, gave up quickly when something was difficult for him, was tired, irritated, talked uninhibitedly and very busy. We also noticed this at home. He takes medication for his ADHD and these problems have for the most part disappeared. We notice that he now is more successful with his fine motor skills. He continues to make big strides.

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